A Nation of Heroic Servants

A Nation of Heroic Servants

If you haven’t heard already, Cheap Tsao… or was Chit Tsao… whatever his name is… wrote a, what he called “satirical,” column about the dispute on the Spratly Islands of which is being claimed by the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and my mom.

In his article for the HK Magazine, he claims that the Philippines, or the “nation of servants,” as he called it, “shouldn’t flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.”

Tsao’s full article here

What Chuck Tsao failed to note in his highly racist… oh I mean satirical… article, is that these “servants” are also heroes.

It’s not easy to make the decision to leave one’s homeland, leave one’s family, leave everything you know and love, just so you can get a decent job. These overseas foreign workers, or OFW’s, are sacrificing their life to help their families cope with the unfortunate situations that they are in. It’s not their fault that corruption and a long history of foreign occupation has left this country struggling to rebuild.

So these simple people do what the can with what they have. They work hard. If working hard results in the unfair judgment of others then I don’t know what else people should do.

So Chin Tsao, or is it Chick Tsao? Whatever your name is, please don’t forget to mention that they are HEROIC servants. Although now, I think they’re more like Angry, Heroic, servants.

Fortunately, I’m an educated and sophisticated person who will not lower myself to your level and mention derogatory, racist and inappropriate remarks towards you. Good luck in your new job search.

P.S. You’re mother is a whore…. and you dress funny!

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