Best & Worst Movies for 2009 in Vince’s Book

So 2009 has proven to be a great one for many movies. Some will eternally live within me as repeated movie lines towards potential female partners. Most of these movie line attempts will of course fail, but either way, these great movies will live on forever. Anyway, let’s review some of my favorites and not-so-favorites (a.k.a. my movie-shit-list).

Some of my favorite movies this year include:

  1. Avatar
    • The movie, Avatar, reminded me why we go to the movies. I definitely got swept away into a different land far far away. I felt like I was watching Peter Pan when I was 5-years-old as he went on his adventures to Never Never Land. Avatar is definitely a storytelling masterpiece and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that about movies. A MUST SEE!
  2. Zombieland
    • Funniest movie of the year! Yes, I had to say it. Zombieland is just smart comedy all the way through. The Bill Murray cameo alone makes Zombieland deserve countless awards and praises. I loved the part where the lead actress laughs as Bill Murray dies, apologizing of course and reiterating that B.M. really just has a way to her funny bone.
    • Fasten your seatbelt for this one! Well… coz it’s Zombie survival rule #3.  (See complete rules for survival in Zombieland here – Zombieland Survival Guide Rulebook)
    • And yes, sorry, but this movie beat out The Hangover and I Love You, Man for best comedy this year in my book.
  3. Up
    • A tear jerker… well, not my tears… I mean… I don’t cry or nothing… I meant for most other people… but not me of course… Anyway… definitely a nice movie that reminds us all about the simple things in life, like chasing our dreams and flying houses with balloons. This movie had me smiling all the way through. =)
    • Oh and it also inspired my 2009 Halloween costume
    • And I’m smiling now just from thinking about this movie =)
  4. District 9
    • I don’t really know how to describe it… but District 9 was just a totally unique look at movies. It sort of combined adventure, sci-fi and documentary genres into one movie. This was one of those movies where you weren’t really sure what to expect, the trailers barely gave you any info but got you hooked enough to want to go see it. Fortunately, this was also one of those movies that did not disappoint the curious cats who wandered into the dark halls of District 9‘s movie room.
  5. 500 Days of Summer
    • Well written, tasteful, real and sincere. Though in all honesty, the one thing that really made this movie AMAZING was the final seconds. 500 Days of Summer had one of the best endings for any movie that just brings the entire thing to a full circle.

*NOTE* I have yet to see Inglorious Basterds which I believe would definitely be on my top lists as well. Yes I know I suck, but movies sometimes come out late here in the Philippines. (meaning I’ve been too lazy to pick up the pirated DVDs at the mall)

OK, so enough of the good stuff, let’s get on with the crappy movie reviews I got.


  1. Transformers 2
    • This pitiful attempt for a movie completely had me loose all faith in movies. Furthermore, they totally disrespected the entire Transformers franchise and Optimus Prime himself for being making the whole thing retarded. Other than Megan Fox acting and looking like a porn star (which I guess was the best part of the movie), Transformers 2 should have gone straight to DVD.
    • I hated this movie so much I made a whole post solely dedicated to the reasons I hate Transformers 2.  See that blog post here – 10 reasons why “Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen” sucked balls!!!!
    • Did I mention that I didn’t like this movie?
  2. Ninja Assasin
    • This was my Facebook status message after seeing this movie: Ninja Assassins was a piece of crap drenched in blood… I wanted to stab myself just to end the misery of having to sit through the rest of that hemorrhoidal shitfest…”
    • Don’t even let me begin on the acting for this flick, and tt wasn’t just the lead character that sucked, that lead female was horrible, that police guy informant / mole / whatever he was, was horrible.
    • The story sucked really bad. I mean the main ninja barely survived against that thug in the bathroom, then all of a sudden, he becomes a super ninja and can manhandle 50 ninjas at once… like WTF? Yeah some fight scenes were cool, but I was too busy slicing my wrists to fully enjoy the slow motion fights.
    • I was really excited to see this movie. I think it had a lot of potential. Ninjas are like non-Sci-fi Jedi’s. But nooooo, this movie totally fucked it all up. I don’t think Ninja’s are cool anymore =(
  3. Planet 51
    • I kept waiting…. and waiting…….. and waiting……………. and FUCKING WAITING for something funny to happen…. nada.
    • Even my 16-year-old sister got up and left… note that she watches ANYTHING!
    • …………………..still waiting………………………………………….
  4. All About Steve
    • ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    • Fell asleep while watching it, so couldn’t really tell you in detail why it sucked. But it did.
  5. Wolverine
    • Not even worth my time explaining to you how stupid this movie was.

Of course do note that these “Worst Movies of 2009” are only on this list because they had enough potential for me to actually watch them. There are still countless movies of which I did not dare waste my 2 hours to bother seeing. Sucky movies like DragonBall Evolution, or Mall Cop, or anything that might have had Steven Seagal or any references to said bad actor.

Anyway, that’s my list for the Best & Worst Movies for 2009 in Vince’s Book. What do you think? What were some of your favorites? What was on your shit-list?

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