Bloggers = Pimps

Blogging has a lot of perks. Well first of all, you don’t have to get ridiculed and criticized by an idiotic editor who wants you to write the same boring way he does. Also, a blogger makes his own schedule and writes whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Finally, and this I just found out, bloggers get invited to the coolest and most awesome events ever!

Now, I would have never known this, had I not followed my instincts and blatant disregard for authority. See I tend to do my own thing and I hate brown nosing. So instead of slaving away to the system, I chose to rebel against the man and “blah” away on my own. Thus, my blogs (Motivated Monkey & Vince Golangco) were born.

Today’s story begins with my friend in high school who knew someone who was throwing  a party who hired a marketing firm to organize it and hired me to host this gig where I met this one dude who also knew this other chick who helped me meet this other guy who introduced me to this blogger dude who had a friend that was doing this other gig who knew couldn’t go but instead introduced me to another cat that had a pal who is the marketing guy who could put my name in place of the other friend who couldn’t go and thus, I got invited me to the Playboy Philippines Bikini Open. (This took me about 20 minutes to figure out but is pretty accurate of how I got invited to this party)

Anywayz, my day started out at a motivational forum but some of the introductions mentioned above had taken place at this forum and thus, I was on my way to the Playboy party at The Elbow Room. 

OK let me take this moment to explain why bloggers = pimps. It’s really quite simple… bloggers have blogs. Meaning, they write about stuff. So if you want to get your event, product or location known, you invite bloggers and kiss their ass like no other (backstage passes to Playboy events are always good) so that they write nice things about whatever you want promoted. 

I get a backstage pass since my blogger friends introduce me as a blogger, so I start meeting the models and taking pictures of them wearing almost nothing in the dressing room. The girls were easy on the eyes, but not much for conversation. 

p4250057  p4250059  

p4250086  p4250077


I then hear a cute voice and notice a cute girl emitting the said cute voice. 

Vince (thinking): “DAMMMMMNNNNNN!!!” 

(saying): “Hey, you from California?”

Cute Girl w/ Cute Voice: “Yeah, I’m from L.A.”

Vince (thinking) “Ding ding ding ding ding…. We have a winner!”

(saying) “Dude! That’s awesome, I knew I heard a Cali accent.”

Cute Girl w/ Cute Voice: “Why? Do I sound ghetto?”

Vince (thinking): “Dammmmnnnn girl… I wanna…”

(saying): “Oh what? Huh?”


Our conversation continued on as we discussed the financial crisis, the swine flu pandemic, our political stances with the upcoming election, solving global warming and Picasso’s Guernica. Well, at least that’s what I think we talked about, as I just starred at her tits. 

Either way, I was reminded that this game is all about who you blow know. The people I’ve met along the way, have been anal essential to my growing love for blogging. I’m going to enjoy getting laid paid for just expressing my thoughts through these crazy rants. Butt But of course, I have to remember that my hard-on hard work is what will prevail in the end. I still need to put in sex six to eight hours just writing. Moreover, I’ll still need to focus on the big boobs goals and go for tit it.

Hmmm… I seem to be distracted after reminiscing on that event… time for a cold shower!

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