Halloween & the many faces of Vince!!!

vince-as-a-business-sexecutive-with-my-lovely-sexytary I love Halloween! I’d have to say that it’s the ONLY holiday that I truly live up and follow through with all its customs and traditions.

And no, it’s not just about getting into the stupidest costumes for men and the sluttiest costumes for women. It’s the entire process that goes on long before the ghouls and ghosts come out on Oct 31st.

See, the real Halloween starts weeks, even months before the actual day. It starts the second you realize that the day is slowly arriving and you start brainstorming for your costume. This task alone may take an eternity to overcome….

The next step, whether or not you’ve decided on an outfit, is to actually go out and get your needed clothing and accessories. Some go out specifically in search of an exact costume or materials they need, while the undecided go out for inspiration and help. Either way, this part is one of the most fun as you go out with friends to try on wigs, hats, teeth, corsets and more!

Your Halloween shopping could take you from Party City, to the Halloween store that just opened last week (specifically for Halloween only), and even to thrift stores or Goodwill stores to get your supplies. Slowly but surely, a true Halloween practitioner get together their entire outfit and then tells all his / her friends about it.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten all the accessories that you need, if not, last minute shopping during Halloween is just as bad as last minute Christmas shopping. So good luck finding those claws or that skirt you need on the last day… I highly recommend getting everything ready waaaaay before the day.

After it’s all said and done, you simply wait for the day… go out to the pre-party…. then continue on with the “slutpocalypse” of a drunken shitfest that we call… HALLOWEEN!!!

Anywayz, here’s some costumes I’ve had in the past… will post a summary and pics from this year’s Halloween when I’m sober enough to type again…

(Updated now! To see my 2009 costume and ideas, check my blog post here – Halloween 2009 & my costume!!!)

vince-as-lil-jon-yeahhhhh vince-in-a-studio-54-stle-outfit-complete-with-afro-and-chest-hair

vince-as-the-snl-skit-dick-in-a-box-christmas-its-a-dick-in-a-box-baby vince-as-a-geek-picture-says-it-all

vince-at-a-masquerade-i-used-a-scuba-diving-mask-and-turned-it-into-a-beer-bong-you-say-drunken-idiot-i-say-resourcefully-cleaver vince-at-a-masquerade-i-used-a-scuba-diving-mask-and-turned-it-into-a-beer-bong-you-say-drunken-idiot-i-say-resourcefully-cleaver1

vince-as-an-army-soldier-showing-off-my-guns vince-as-a-prisoner-who-loved-being-in-handcuffs-with-my-sexy-police-officer

vince-as-a-baller-he-shoots-he-scores vince-as-a-doctor-someone-give-him-a-damn-scaple

vince-as-a-geek-again-with-my-sexy-classmate vince-as-a-chinese-pimp-who-you-daddy

Stay tunned for what’s going on this 2009!!! =)

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