MILFs in the Philippines

Reading about current events and news in the Philippines often gets me stumped. I sometimes feel like I’m reading a press release from some porn site. It’s not that they’re written tactlessly, vulgarly or even porn-fully, it’s just that they keep mentioning MILFs.

MILF appreciates European Union offer to facilitate peace efforts – Manila Bulletin

Resort Bombing Kills Fisherman, MILF blamed – Philippine Daily Inquirer

MILF Warned with ‘Terrorist’ Label – BBC News

MILF: We stand firm on self-determination– Manila Times

Iligan City Bridge bombed: Probers eye MILF link – Philippine Star

What I keep forgetting is that MILF here means a different thing. It actually stands for Moro Islamic Liberation Front” [ MILF ] which is the largest Muslim rebel group in the southern Philippines. They’ve been linked with Al Qaeda and are usually on the headlines of the top news sources here.

It’s just funny how everyday, I have a few short seconds of wondering “Why the hell are they reporting this!” before I realize that the headlines are actually talking about the other MILFs, the less friendly with less cleavage types.

This militant group really needs to do something about their name. It’s quite misleading if you ask me. I’m not even sure if it’s good PR for them. They need to think of something different to call themselves, something more frightening, something with more attitude to it, something that will strike fear into the hearts of all who read it. Maybe something like “COUGARS!”

If you don’t hear from me after this post, I was probably kidnapped by the MILFs… and not the sexy, bondage, implant filled MILFs I’d be happy to be taken by. So send help…


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