the itch

There I was at the peak of my career. I had just won two Oscars, seven Golden Globes, a Grammy, my third NBA Championship as well as my fourth Finals MVP, the Martin Luther King award for heroism, received my fifth Pulitzer Prize, my third Nobel Prize and was Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, again. But then I left it all behind, for what? Why? Well this is my story.


As a young man learning karate on filthy streets of La Jolla, I had to learn to survive on my own. It wasn’t easy growing up in that town. I remember a time when I had to eat my caviar without champagne… it was brutal! Somehow, I was able to make it through.

*Itch* *Itch*

I was only a child when I first had to fight off the dreaded paparazzi. It wasn’t easy being a child actor slash model slash football rising star. *Itch* *Itch* *Itch* Today, I look back and realize that my spirit, my very innermost being, who I am today is because of those dreaded days when I had to walk down that catwalk with shoes half a size too big. *Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch* And those nights I had to stay up all night because I had a rock concert where I needed to fill I for the sick guitarist or…. *Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch**Itch*


Oh, it was just a dream…. Damn mosquitoes!!! Where the hell am I? I got mosquito bites everywhere!!! Oh yeah, I’m in the Philippines.

In San Diego, the only things I couldn’t keep off me were girls…. Or was that a dream too….? DAMNIT!


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