Vince and his Hotdogs (my 1st commercial)

Malou: “Vince! Are you free on Saturday?”

The Vince: “I have a few plans but nothing major, what’s up?”

Malou: “Well we’re casting for a commercial right now and I want to recommend you as a talent to my boss. We need a Fil-Am who can speak English and Filipino.”

The Vince: “What? For real? Sounds like fun! I can free up my weekend for this.”

Malou: “Great! I’ll let my boss know and get back to you.”

The Vince: “Oh but what’s the role and what’s the product?”

Malou: “I’ll fill you in on the details later. I have to rush to a meeting now.”

————————A FEW DAYS LATER————————

Malou: “Vince! You got the part!”

The Vince: “What? When? Who? How? Really?”

Malou: “Yeah, I made a portfolio for you using your pics from Facebook. Plus, I’m a killer sales person!”

The Vince: “WOW! You are awesome Maloueeeee!!! So what’s the role for? What product?”

Malou: “I’ll just brief you later on, I have to go right now.”

The Vince: “Uhhhhh…. Ok…..”


The Vince: “Yeah dudes! Malou got me for the shoot! I’ve never been a talent for a commercial before, so it’s pretty exciting!”

Friends: “What’s the commercial for?”

The Vince: “Ummmmm…. Well that’s the thing…. I’m not really sure… Malou keeps rushing off every time I ask her.”

Friends: “HAHAHA Really? Dude watch this be some gay commercial where’re you’re like sucking on a hotdog or something!”

The Vince: “NAHHHHH, dude, Malou won’t do that to me! It’s probably something really cool where I’m like a lifeguard or like a superhero or something….”

Friends: “No, I bet it’s gonna be something really gay!”

The Vince: “HELL NO dude, I won’t do those hotdog things. I’m sure it won’t be gay…”

————————THAT SATURDAY————————

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