Vince Got Pinned

Thumb Tax accident Vince is a monkey idiot with a pin in himOk…. so… CRAZY thing happened right…

I was walking up the stairs at my place, and I sort of tripped over the floor (I swear, it flippin@#%* came out of nowhere!) and my elbow sort of skimmed past the wall next to where I was walking.

Nothing too serious… but if you all know me… then you know my board of quotes… It’s this board I put up with all sorts of motivational and inspirational quotes that help trigger some “push” in me all the time.

Anywayz, I pretty much wipe the whole board clean and everything falls over. So I’m there, standing over a pile of pins and index cards with quotes and all… then I think to myself:

“Wow, good thing I didn’t get hurt with any of those┬áthumb tax┬ápins thingy.”

So I just bask in the awesomeness and luckiness of the moment. Then… I look over at my elbow, and I find that a something had scrapped a good chunk of my skin off and that there was a thumb tax pin thingy stuck in me. YES, a pin was stuck IN MY ELBOW!


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